CAPT(M) House Rules

D&D Leveling Table: Experience Points
1st 0
2nd 1000
3rd 3000
4th 6000
5th 10000
6th 15000
7th 21000
8th 28000
9th 36000
10th 45000
11th 55000
12th 66000
13th 78000
14th 91000
15th 105000
16th 120000
17th 136000
18th 153000
19th 171000
20th 190000

Character Stat Roll
Roll a D10 (where 0 = 10) 7 times and add 10 to each score (meaning all possible rolls are only 11 – 20). Drop lowest score and apply to stats as desired. – Alex D.

Level 1 Hit Points
Total Hit Die + Constitution Modifier

Level 2 – ? Hit Points
Roll hit die + Constitution Modifier

Level 1 Skill Points
As directed by class: (Total hit die + Intelligence Modifier) x 4

Level 2 – ? Skill Points
As directed by class: Roll hit die + Intelligence Modifier

Spirit Companion for Spirit Shaman
Rowtag’s Turtle adds misc. +3 to AC and +3 Swim. – Alex D.

Banned Races
Teddy/Harp is banned from playing Air Genasi (because he would troll the campaign until it imploded). – Alex D.

Regarding Übel Drochaigeanta’s Extraordinarily High AC
Due to having AC 22 as a 1st level Monk, it was decided by both DM’s that Übel would be played as allowing every other attack on his person to hit (or varying allowances as DM’s see fit). Allowance of critical hits to be discussed between DM’s. Attacks will be allowed until such time as both DM’s feel it is appropriate that enemies will be capable of exceeding such a high AC.

CAPT(M) House Rules

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